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Stem Cells or Celule Stem

Stem Cells or Celule Stem


Posted: May 12, 2014

How are healthy blood stem cells used to treat leukaemia? Or celule stem – according to as they are also called in Romanain.
Acute leukaemia usually requires immediate and intensive treatment. Depending on the particular type of leukaemia and many other things about the individual patient, treatment options might include chemotherapy, steroids or a more intensive procedure such as a haematopoietic stem cell transplant combined with high-dose chemotherapy.

High-dose chemotherapy is the most effective currently established method to kill leukaemic cells and can cure some patients. However, it also severely damages the remaining normal blood-forming cells in the bone marrow. To replace these cells, patients are given a haematopoietic stem cell transplant (HSCT). The cells for the transplant can be collected from the blood or bone marrow of a healthy donor. In fact, the transplant includes not only HSCs, but also important immune cells that help to kill leukaemic cells. A patient’s own cells can sometimes be used for the transplant, if it is possible to collect enough healthy cells before the treatment is performed. If a different donor is needed, they must match the patient’s tissue type otherwise the transplanted donor cells will be attacked by the patient’s immune system and rejected.

HSCTs are particularly effective for treating certain types of acute leukaemia. However, the procedure is intensive and risky with the potential for substantial after effects. Therefore, this type of stem cell transplant is only considered when standard-dose chemotherapy fails to eradicate the disease.

Limitations of current stem cell treatments
A haematopoietic stem cell transplant using cells from a donor can have serious side effects:

Infections – The transplanted stem cells need time to produce the necessary new blood cells for the body. Infections can occur due to the inevitable delay in the replenishment of the patient’s immune system with white blood cells, which leaves the patient highly vulnerable to infections for a period. Careful observation and preventative treatment with antibiotics can help to reduce infection risks.

proprietati celule stem

proprietati celule stem

Graft-versus-host disease (GvHD) – This complication occurs when donor blood cells attack the patient’s tissue. Symptoms include rashes, diarrhoea, blisters and fever. GvHD is a serious complication and can be life-threatening. It can be minimized by closely matching the tissue type of the donor to the patient. This is easiest to achieve if the patient has a matched sibling. Other strategies to prevent GvHD include suppressing the immune system with drugs and removing a specific type of white blood cells (lymphocytes) from the transplant.

Researchers and doctors are investigating ways to improve current transplantation approaches in order to address these limitations. Another challenge is the shortage of donors and several organisations are working to increase the number of volunteers in donor registries.

Recent developments and current research on haematopoietic stem cell treatments for leukaemia
The high dose of chemotherapy given to leukaemia patients before a transplant destroys both leukaemic cells and healthy bone marrow cells. Newer forms of transplantation called mini-allografts or reduced-intensity allografts have been developed to reduce the risk. These procedures allow lower doses of chemotherapy to be used, which helps avoid extensive damage to the bone marrow. Instead, donor immune cells are transplanted with the donor haematopoietic stem cells to attack and eliminate any remaining leukaemic cells. This is called a graft-versus-leukaemia effect. This type of transplant has fewer side effects but some serious ones remain, particularly GvHD.

There are several new techniques which may help to prevent GvHD and these are currently being tested in the clinic. Certain types of immune cells (regulatory T lymphocytes) that have a suppressive effect on the immune system may be administered to the patient. This can help prevent the donor immune cells from attacking the patient’s own cells. Alternatively, attempts are being made to selectively remove the immune cells that cause GvHD from the transplant.

Scientists and doctors are also currently investigating treatments that might reduce the time it takes for the patient’s immune system to recover after a haematopoietic stem cell transplant. One option is to treat the patient with selected proteins called growth factors, which can enhance the production of the particular immune cells needed to fight infections. Source: Tratament Celule Stem. This can help reduce the risk of infection while the patient recovers.

The future of haematopoietic stem cell treatments for leukaemia
Stem cell research is a rapidly developing field. New technologies such as induced pluripotent stem cells are already being used to study leukaemia in the lab. They provide a tool for producing large numbers of leukaemic cells in a dish. Researchers can then study the cells to learn more about how the disease works and to design new drug therapies. In the future, new methods for the lab-based production of haematopoietic stem cells and their use in transplantation may also become available. This could help with the shortage or bone marrow donors for transplants. Today, chemotherapy combined with transplantation of HSCs from either the patient or a donor offers life-saving treatment for severely ill leukaemia patients.

Top Web Host

Top Web Host


Posted: May 12, 2014

What Does a Web Hosting Provider Do? In Romanian it’s called gazduire web according to web site.

Most essentially, a web facilitating supplier makes it feasible for other individuals to get to your site through the web. Anyway, obviously, how this happens is a bit complex. Continue perusing to take in the full story of what web facilitating suppliers do.

Site and Web Hosting Basics

When you make a site, you basically set up together an accumulation of documents that you need to impart to other individuals on the web. Anyway how do those web-associated outsiders far and wide get to see your site? In any case, the records that make up your site must be put away on a web facilitating server. Your website is recognized by an extraordinary web location, or URL (uniform asset locator), which permits it to be found. When somebody makes an appeal for your website through a web program (like Internet Explorer or Firefox), the web facilitating server that saves your site reacts to the client’s solicitation by discovering and conveying your webpage to the web program on the requester’s machine.

At the end of the day: a client asks for your webpage through a web program and the web facilitating server that saves your records reacts by serving up your site. This trade of data is proficient through hypertext exchange convention, or HTTP, which you may perceive as being the initial four letters of most web locations. The most central capacities of this procedure are record stockpiling and conveyance, both of which are proficient by a web server.

What Is a Web Server?

The expression “web server” can allude to two diverse, yet nearly related things: a product program that acknowledges and reacts to HTTP demands from customers, and a machine on which this sort of programming is running. A web server is capable both for facilitating information and conveying that information by serving site pages in light of approaching appeals.

To begin with, how about we think about the fittings. While even home machines could be utilized as web servers, a server utilized by an expert web facilitating organization will be a compelling bit of gear exceptionally designed for web facilitating. The perfect web server is a workstation furnished with an overwhelming-obligation hard drive, a far reaching measure of RAM, and a quick processor. A web server’s fittings needs to have a lot of storage room for site records and additionally the ability to run the essential server programming.

Web server programming projects capacity to acknowledge HTTP demands and send documents and reports accordingly. In the event that the asked for website page can’t be found, or if there is a slip throughout the procedure of serving the page, it is the web server that sends a mistake warning to the client. Each one web facilitating server is distinguished by an IP (web convention) address, which is a comprehensively interesting recognizable proof number. Web servers find one another in the titanic online environment by utilizing these IP addresses. Web server programming may likewise brag extra proficiencies, for example, help for scrambled associations and client validation forms. Web facilitating servers might additionally can log data about customer appeals and server reactions.

The Functions of a Web Hosting Provider or in Romanian top web host.

Up to this point, we’ve researched sites and web servers, and these are the building pieces of what web facilitating suppliers do. A web facilitating organization gives the web server and web integration that permits your site to be accessible to anybody associated with the web.

Giving space on a web server is just the begin of the profits that web facilitating organizations can offer to their customers. Owning and designing a web server obliges a lot of specialized ability and a noteworthy monetary financing, so a web host permits its customers to stay away from the expense of these assets. Web facilitating suppliers likewise deal with the physical stockpiling and support that web servers require. They address the physical needs of their web servers by giving storage room in cooled situations and fundamental equipment support. Web facilitating organizations likewise perform facilitating programming upkeep, redesigns, and repairs as required to keep the sites they serve online without intrusion.

gazduire web

gazduire web

Extra Web Hosting Services

A web facilitating organization can decide to give a wide mixture of administrations notwithstanding the fundamental web facilitating capacities. Case in point, Freeservers gives valuable devices to site creation and upkeep, including a site developer that makes making a site simple for even the slightest in fact astute client. Freeservers likewise gives discretionary overhauled web facilitating administrations, for example, detail, seek advancement, and POP post boxes.

What administrations you will require from a web facilitating organization relies on the size, characteristics, and motivation behind your site. Numerous hosts, including Freeservers, give diverse levels of web facilitating with the goal that you can pick the fusion of administrations and cost that best fits your needs. Freeservers offers an assortment of web facilitating bundles intended to offer the facilitating results you’re searching for. Obviously, every one of our facilitating bundles incorporates the server space and web network that will build your online vicinity.